Thunder and lightning disasters exist in ancient times. Thunder and lightning, a difficulty that has been “overcomed” by us, is suddenly injected with new vitality. While feeling technology, we also taste a lot of sudden helplessness and troubles. With the development of modern science and technology, computer technology (Computer), control technology (Control), communication technology (Communication), display technology (CRT), power technology have been widely developed and applied, and organically combined to form a powerful integrated automation control system.
Since many devices in these systems have low operating voltages of internal integrated circuits and are extremely sensitive to transient overvoltages, system breakdowns, equipment damages, and even casualties caused by lightning and various surges abound. The number of economic and material losses, its indirect losses and political influence are even more immeasurable.
Specific to the more modern substations, the use of various equipment with large-scale integrated circuits as the core in substation protection, remote control, and communication upgrades. Its highly integrated CMOS circuit and CPU unit can withstand instantaneous overvoltage. Significantly reduced, it is easy to become the main equipment damaged by lightning.
Lightning generally has the characteristics of high voltage, high current, and high energy. Once it penetrates into our equipment through our power lines, if there is no effective protection, the electrical equipment we use can hardly withstand the high voltage and high current carried by the lightning. Our equipment will be damaged by lightning in an instant. Therefore, the state stipulates that all buildings must be equipped with surge protectors to strengthen the protection of our electrical equipment and personal safety.