ESE Lightning Arrester Specification

Operating Principle:
OP-ESE3.3, OP-ESE4.3, OP-ESE5.3, OP-ESE6.3 series ESE Lightning arrester mainly absorbs and stores energy from
electric field of natural world by its exciter; its reflector and Lightning Arrester needle point are in good electrical
connection to the ground in an equipotential state. Under normal conditions, there exists electric-field strength
between exciter and emitter; every time before lightning, electric-field strength will increase rapidly, the potential
difference between exciter and reactor is approximately same as that between thundercloud and the earth; the rapid
increase of voltage drop between them will cause strike fires at points and ionize the surrounding air of points thus
forming point discharging phenomenon. Air ionization of points due to the rapid increase of electric field between central collection rod and exciter of
lightning arrester can discharge in extremely short and accurate time period; the existence of large amount of
electricion will reduce the natural Corona effect, forming anticipated upward discharge channel to rapidly and safely
intercept lightning and discharge current to the ground.