Common problems of power surge protectors:

 Common malfunctions possible reason  Approach
The mine display window is red The lightning protector is damaged by lightning or other external forces Contact the lightning protection manufacturer or agent to replace the lightning protection device
Alarm or line failure after the remote communication is connected The remote signal wiring is wrong or the lightning protector is damaged Please refer to the manual to use the correct remote signal wiring method or confirm whether the lightning protector is damaged
The product’s wiring is burnt out when it is powered on Wrong selection of lightning arrester voltage, incorrect product selection Use a multimeter to measure the line-to-line voltage, and contact the lightning protection manufacturer for replacement
Circuit breaker trips frequently Circuit breaker parameters do not match / lightning protector leakage current is too large Replace the circuit breaker / replace the lightning protector

Common problems with signal lightning arresters: product signal failure, lightning arrester damage or poor interface connection!