Service concept: quality first, win-win cooperation. 

We provide excellent after-sales service and response speed, which is not only reflected in the business culture of Oupule Technology, but also a kind of integrity and trust between enterprises and enterprises, which reflects Shenzhen Oupo Lei’s attitude and determination to all customers, we hope to create the greatest value for customers and consumer groups, and hope to grow together with our customers. 

Technical Force The    
  company has professional lightning protection product application and lightning protection product research and development engineers, and has rich experience in the management of major customer engineering projects in the industry. For some large projects, our technical service system will appoint a commissioner to follow up on the project, that is, a project commissioner is appointed during the operation of major projects, and the project commissioner is responsible for the progress and quality of the overall project. This approach ensures that each of our projects is carried out in a normal and orderly manner and realizes the overall value for our customers.